Virgen de los Reyes, Inmaculada Concepción
La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala (16th cent.)

Commemorated on December 5
Virgen de los Reyes, Inmaculada Concepción
In 1600, Fray Antonio Tineo traveled to Spain to ask King Felipe III for supplies for Franciscan churches in Guatemala. For the church of San Francisco in Guatemala City, Padre Tineo brought back a new statue of the Immaculate Conception from Queen Margarita's private chapel. 


Often called the Virgen de los Reyes (Virgin of the Kings), the beloved image has suffered the excesses of devotion with amazing grace. Repeatedly damaged by fireworks and other hazards of popular enthusiasm, the old body has had nine different heads in its 400 years. But like Mary herself, who is seldom depicted in art as old because of a tradition that her Immaculate Conception spared her the curse of Adam, the aged statue remains attractive between its jeweled crown and silver crescent footrest. 

Relates the story that was donated by Emperor Charles V of Germany and I for one of the Franciscan convents. Arriving in Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala, the box it came in was open, but gets to like them, and is positioned to veneration for the monks.
It had its own chapel next to the temple. The devotion grew to the point that in 1617 was named patron beside Her co-patrons in 1823 were even co-patrons with patronage.
In 1930 the image is damaged, for canchinflín. With the centenary of the dogma is Crowned Pontificiamente, and intervened with some modifications.
It was moved from the old capital to the Ermita Valley after 1773. Pilgrimage in 2009 to his old house and returning to the capital again. In 2013 it began a process of cleaning and restoration.


The picture frame measures 1.80 meters. Represents an upright, refined and elegant woman. His face slightly inclined to the right. His gaze is towards the faithful. If observed at different points you will see your big smile. His hands are in prayerful attitude. He has his foot raised under this beautiful moon is mid.
Twelve stars surround her head, wearing imperial crown and earrings. Use other appliances, from 2005 takes its drapery between the Order of the Quetzal Grado de Gran Cruz. For a long time he was clothed with a robe falling in triangular form, so the blue robe, white tunicle, and elsewhere in the blue cloak was observed. But it is more common to see it dressed in "air" as if coming down from heaven.


The image was canonically crowned on December 5, 1954 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. An annual Rezado or prayer procession with the statue takes place on December 8.


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