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Virgen de los Dolores de Chandavila (Virgin of Sorrows), La Codosera, Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain

Commemorated on May 27
Virgen de los Dolores de Chandavila  (Virgin of Sorrows), La Codosera, Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
In May 1945, precisely at the end of the Second World War, the Virgen de los Dolores appeared in Codosera two seers in the same spot of Chandavila and on the same days, but independently.
But despite appearances Chandavila officially began in 1945, are already seventy-five years before there had been an appearance ...
At that time, June 1870, a girl said to see the Virgin in "Valleseco". On this occasion, the villagers rushed to the scene, near where now the Sanctuary Chandavila rises, and the priest then, Don Agustin Rubio Mero, born in the village, he said mass campaign in place of the alleged occurrence. seers One suffered the stigmata of the Passion of Jesus Christ. And asked them both to build the sanctuary.
The Codosera is a municipality in the province of Badajoz in Extremadura. Is located NW of Badajoz, on the border with Portugal.
It was three in the afternoon of May 27, 1945, when the girl Marcelina Exposito Barroso with his cousin Agustina Gonzalez (both from La Codosera), were walking to the next village of "Marco" to complete a custom his mother.
He had gone about two miles, when, crossing the place called Chandavila, noticed a dark shape that could be seen on a brown, distant two hundred feet to the right of the road.
She ignored. But coming back to thinking would persist even if the foreign object. 
Yeah, I was there. And, as if pushed by an inner force, came to see him.
Great was his astonishment to clearly distinguish, wrapped in luminous rays, to Our Lady of Sorrows, half lifted into the trunk of the chestnut tree, profile, looking for people encircled bright constellations, with black cloak embroidered with stars hands together and beautiful face, which was reflected in the mortal and divine sadness.
Vanished the vision, the girl, taken from her natural impulse, ran to the village, along with his cousin, though it had seen nothing. When I got home, tried to keep quiet, but not silent pudiendolo have, told her mother what had happened, spreading the word around the neighborhood soon.
Great excitement arose among the people, to this fact, yet far from forgotten, was repeated.
On June 4, in the morning, on the ninth day of the first appearance, he has again Marcelinita in Chandavila, the Blessed Virgin, and tells him to return in the evening, you have to make a sacrifice in concurrent presence of all.
She obeyed, and before more than a thousand people, Spanish and Portuguese, he made that afternoon an ecstatic march, which attracted wide attention.
While the girl about two hundred feet of brown, very soon you will be manifested in the blue sky, Our Lady of Sorrows, which gradually was down to stand in front of the tree, as he saw it the first time.
He invited the girl to his knees that walked the distance that separated her Ella. But as I put some qualms, encouraged Mother Pain, saying, "Fear not. Nothing will happen. I'll put you in front of a carpet of sedges and grasses that do not hurt. "
From the brook, the girl began to walk knees between the two rows that opened the spectators. His mother, Mrs. Agustina, who was present fainted. He remained about ten minutes kneeling beside the tree. Meanwhile, Brown sees the half opens and appears behind him, decorated with beautiful lamps, a beautiful church.
On the altar is the Virgin Mary. This tells you dip your fingers in the holy water font and crossed myself, gesture contemplating all bystanders. After the onset of the altarpiece low and asks if I wanted to go with her. To answer: "Yes, ma'am, right now" , the Blessed Virgin smiles, hugs and kisses on the forehead, feeling the girl rubbing her face on the mantle of the Mother of God. In addition, he hopes that in the same place rises a chapel in her honor.
Returning ecstasy, Marcelina, he was talking to her friends, as if nothing had happened. Marcelina's knees had no sign or any scratch, after walking two hundred feet, although many young people (and even the pastor of The Codosera, Juan Antonio Galán and Guy), tried and had to abandon their efforts, received by the cuts and wounds.
Marcelina had more encounters with the Virgin, sometimes accompanied by other more persons, including his masterpiece, Dona Josefa Martín was. It was a religious school in Villafranca de Los Barros (Badajoz) to subsequently enter as religious in the Congregation of Sisters of the Cross, on August 2, 1975, in Seville, dedicated to the care of sick, orphaned, poor and elderly , on the name Sister Mary of Mercy of the Cross. Today is closing in a Convent in Ciudad Real.
Afra Brígido White, was born on January 21, 1928 and seventeen, May 30 (feast of Corpus Christi), at three in the afternoon (at the same time the appearance of the Virgin to Marcelina), determined to go with Chandavila her friends.
Upon arrival he thought he saw, among some clouds, which simulated a chapel and clear the exact shape of a cross.
The next day, he was at the same time, in that place, where many people were already gathered. Brown sat down at the apparitions, and saw out of the clouds a dark object, which as you approach, let profiled image of the Sorrowful Virgin, in profile, his face turned to the right. Because of the strong impression, Afra, fainted and had come to himself, he decides to return home with her friends.
A few days after her grandmother dies, Afra, mourns and just goes out. But at the insistence of her friends convince her to return to Chandavila, to which access with the permission of his mother, Mrs. Cipriana.
It was June 17, and sitting on one of the chestnuts opposite, he turns to see the emergence identically to the previous time. Sign in ecstasy and starts walking on his knees by the brook. Lady asks him to get up, and then keep walking until brown. When you get there kneeling, and strikes up a conversation with the Virgin.
Lady says always at his side, he reported a secret, he predicted great suffering and finally I send a kiss to Marcelinita (who was there present), and telling him, which ran instantly crossed myself.
In other subsequent appearances, Virgin asked the Holy Rosary and the construction of a chapel in that place, and a sacrifice to sing at the Mass of September 4, I wish that was fulfilled by spontaneous indication Mr. Parish Priest of The Codosera.
Afra and other friends, including Marcelina, were in Villar del Rey since Sunday, July 21, to 24, the eve of Santiago, and the same Sunday visited the shrine of Our Lady of the Incarnation or Rivera, Patroness the resort, and were there every day, morning and evening, to give thanks for a favor received.
On one of his visits (Monday, day 22) and when they were doing the Via Crucis, Afra, entered into ecstasy in XI station, in front of a picture of the Holy Trinity, placed beside the Epistle, almost in the center of the chapel, and saw the plight of our Lord Jesus Christ and his crucifixion, feeling a sharp pain on the palms of the hands.
Following this, you go to Afra first few sores on his hands, cut in the center, in the form of nail, then another wound in the side, dripping blood, causing him excruciating pain, and finally sores feet. Sores and toes over time were eventually enlarging and moving from side to side, appearing to the incision down the back. Blood flowed mainly on Fridays. Afra was subjected to medical examinations and cures by a practitioner without getting wounds closed. It is also noteworthy that gave off the scent, a perfumed and pleasant smell.
He has lived and worked in a hospital in Madrid, dedicated to charity, until his death on August 23, 2008, at age 80, after a long illness.
For Codosera, these events have been unbeatable. Not only in the conversion of souls, but also in the construction of a chapel, which covers and encloses the brown where the Virgin was manifest, and a church of major proportions, dominated by a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, such and described as seers, by Marian devotee and artist, Don Genaro Gumiel Lazarus, who gave the sanctuary (the construction of which began on May 27, 1947).
Nevertheless, the diocesan curia of Badajoz has not yet officially pronounced on these facts, but allowed the construction of the Shrine.
Every year, May 27 is a pilgrimage, festive and religious, to the many people who attend the entire region and Portugal.




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