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Madre de las Almas Consagradas (Carrizales, Miranda, Venezuela)

Commemorated on February 6
Madre de las Almas Consagradas (Carrizales, Miranda, Venezuela)
On February 6, 1993, three nuns of the Servants of Jesus Convent, along with a family who had come there to pray, saw the Virgin in the chapel garden, on a banana tree, from evening until morning, radiant with bluish light. The next day, the garden was covered with silver frost. The following day, a similar substance, of many colors, appeared all over the convent interior. In a private message February 9 the Virgin indicated this was a sign of her presence. On February 19 the same group again saw the Virgin in the garden, where young Sister María del Carmen Contreras heard her say, "This is my title: Virgin Mary, Mother of the Consecrated Souls." Again the vision remained until the next day, when the frostlike substance appeared in other religious houses as well. In 1998, after a somewhat equivocal investigation that found no proof that anything supernatural had happened but left open the possibility, the Bishop of Los Teques authorized public devotions at the chapel. At the apparition site is a grotto, where a well was dug at her suggestion; a garden with orchids and roses; and stations of the cross. 

Source: shrine's site, Maria Madre de las Almas Consagradas,


In the Convent of the Sisters Servants of Jesus in Carrizal, Miranda State in Venezuela, in 1993, the Virgin several people, including several religious appeared with several miraculous signs. In particular, the finding of frost in the hands of a seer. 
Their appearance 18 messages, and was especially dedicated souls to God, priests, religious, and invites the laity to pray for them ...
Read messages in Messages from the Virgin Mary, Mother of Consecrated Souls
In Carrizal near Los Teques, in Miranda State, the Virgin Mary first appeared on 6 February 1993.
At the site of the apparition is the "House of Prayer, mother Ana Maria Rendiles, Miraculous".
Carrizal is a village of Miranda state, between San Antonio de Los Altos and Los Teques, capital of Miranda State. From Carrizal ten minutes are enough car when no traffic, to place his foot on the sidewalks of this city center.
It has a simple parish church of Hispanic colonial architecture, located at the pinnacle of the people. A less than a block away from the parish church is the house and the walled grounds of the Servants of Jesus, a religious congregation founded by an extraordinary woman twentieth-century Venezuela, Mother Rendiles Carmen Martinez (1903-1977) who is now in advanced path to beatification and canonization.
Sister Mary Carmen has that on January 6, 1993, when the family visited Padrón Sister Clara, while its members talking animatedly with it, heard they played the theme of the Blessed Virgin, reason, attracted in its Interest sat down with them to hear them talk. His emotion was exalted to the point of tears and found that his hands were full of frost. So they ended up inviting her to pray with them.
As he prayed he felt inside a deep joy and love for the Blessed Virgin took an inexplicable force. equally sensed that someone passed him, but not knowing who it was.
Sister Mary Carmen immediately began to have frost in your hands, but the psychic effect of frost, which initially had hit Sister Mary Carmen, diluted the Padrón just left. Consequently sister entered a process of great doubt. However just finished washing and drying hands, Rimes reappeared with the same intensity. There was no way to make them disappear.
The January 31, 1993, during the hour of adoration and while praying the rosary, Sister Mary Carmen discovered by chance in a big one hand frost. He immediately went to the Blessed Virgin and said: "Dear Madonna, whether these come from Ti frost, manifiéstamelo somehow, even in a dream."
Instantly her hands were filled with frost. But Sister Mary Carmen was not entirely convinced, so headed back to the Blessed Virgin and whispered stop loving without daring: "Forgive me, dear Mother, but no frost. That is another thing. " But for now there was no more reassuring answers.
The next day, Monday, 1 February 1993 Mary Carmen, overnight, had a dream in which he appeared a large glitters, growing such that at a given time, became an image of the Blessed Virgin and after again, the Mother of God appeared under different known titles.
On February 6, 1993, Saturday, the Padrón family went to religious residence of the Servants of Jesus to worship.
During the holy hour Mr. Padrón noted that the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the chapel glowed strangely, surrounded by a sort of light blue colored, this smell of incense, rose and tuberose was added, in that order. At one point he began to sweat a lot, despite the temperature, in this month of the year is particularly low and suddenly heard (and can not explain how) a soft and tender woman's voice saying:
"I am Mary, Mother of God, Mother of those so dear Mother and Daughters of all, I came here to this grove, this garden, this house of recollection and prayer, where is my beloved Son. Tonight I'll be with you all can see me, go with them all night and I actions prove until dawn. Very dear daughters: rejoice in the Lord and many wonders of my Son Jesus the surround, the Lord has chosen smaller and will get my messages my Sons and Daughters Consecrated worldwide " .
By 6:10 pm, the Padrón began the trial of chants to the Virgin accompanied by your keyboard. A few minutes later, a huge flock of birds perched on the branches of nearby forest and began to trill in a very intense shade trees, and it was the uproar that both rehearsing stopped singing and instantly birds suspended their trills. Vain was repeated times until they decided not to take them into account.
From song to song time walked slowly until 7-30 pm, approximately in the Ing Padron, who was facing the garden, could see a bluish light similar to that emits a flash camera. That light takes about 20 seconds and then appeared an image of the Blessed Virgin, very similar to that of Fatima. It was a living by the wavy motion of the mantle and the tunic over light wind image.
At the suggestion of Mr. Padron, to turn over and see, all the torso back and were able to admire the manifestation of the Blessed Virgin.
He was majestically placed near a trail into the woods, which then had a green wooden railing. The Virgin and stood about six feet above the ground, on a mat of banana (banana).
Immediately everyone stood up and were staring where the Blessed Virgin manifested. Then they walked to the first group rose toward the apparition.
Sister Mary Carmen exclaimed at this point "Mother!" thinking to herself that this was really the Blessed Virgin, but instantly overpowered intense doubt about the reality of what he was looking Wanting advancing heard a firm voice ordering him to "do not go".
Mr. Padrón then heard uttering Sister Mary Carmen a strange exclamation: "Let me." And Sister Mary Carmen fell without exact knowledge of the Tree, for 8 minutes. Sister Mary Carmen regained consciousness and then, without thinking twice, he knelt with hands together at chest level.
The Blessed Virgin then initiated a conversation with Sister Mary Carmen. Sisters and other members of the Padrón family just watched the movements of lips, alternately, both of the Blessed Virgin as Sister Mary Carmen, without hearing anything.
The Blessed Virgin is thus deigned exclusively engage in dialogue with sister and transmitted messages and intimate words were intended only to her. But later he said he was going to deliver a message, the first of all, that would be directed to their sisters of the Congregation of the Servants of Jesus.
As Sister Mary Carmen dialogued with the Blessed Virgin was observed that their habit is transformed into something bright for a particular lighting effect was not known how happening. Upon completion of the private dialogue between the Virgin and sister, this, in an audible voice, I told everyone else present: "The Blessed Virgin asked to kneel."
Everyone obeyed and knelt on the grass. They decided to pray the holy rosary, kneeling before the Virgin that was before their eyes. Each mystery indicated a particular intention. Before the second mystery Sister Mary Carmen stated intention "Of Priests and Religious." While making reference to intention Mystery Our Lady turned her head in one smooth motion, with smiling face, down his arms, opened , bowed to the body and then rejoined the previous position.
The fourth mystery suggested Mr. Padrón Sister Mary Carmen to repeat intended for priests and religious, and here the Virgin repeated the actions and gestures of reverence second mystery, but as thanking.
From the mantle of the Blessed Virgin a very bright light, something like a star that fell and broke into countless tiny pieces, as frosts came off: During the recitation of the Rosary a phenomenon called them much attention occurred .
This first message received at this time by Sister Mary Carmen of the Blessed Virgin is as follows: . "My daughters, I am sent by the love my son, Jesus feels for you, with the same love a mother feels for her children if daughters, I want to touch your hearts and fill them with humility and simplicity. I ask you to join in prayer, that ye all one, that now renew the spirit of Faith Remember what I told my son, "that you love EACH OTHER AS I have loved God the Father has placed in your hands the charisma of the Eucharist and the priesthood. I ask fidelity to this commitment and renewal of the spirit of the Congregation. mine daughters, things of the world are in this world and the things you do for love of God carried up by MY IMMACULATE HEART. pray, pray, pray ... pray together so that, with the grace that God has bestowed upon you, the warmth and coldness of my consecrated souls resolve. I ask of heart, pray. The time is approaching. I COVER WITH MY MANTLE OS. HAVE IN MY HEART OS. "
Sister Mary Carmen mind that after having delivered the message the same Holy Virgin deigned to advise in relation to a question that many people would subsequently '"As you saw the Virgin? What was she like? ".
Blessed Mother suggested she answered this way ': "I saw a very beautiful blue and white suit and I have no words to describe her beauty, there's nobody in the world like her."
Sister Mary Carmen writes in his notes that "Yes, I saw And this message is hers. Whoever denies the Son denies the mother who denies her mother, denies the child. "
After the message the Blessed Virgin asked those who were with Mary Carmen to kneel again, because I wanted to bless.
Towards midnight the Blessed Virgin was still present while the sisters and the others continued praying and as enthralled by the Blessed Virgin
Towards one o'clock the superior, Sister Clara, saw fit to order the other two nuns, Sister Mary and Sister Clara Carmen to go to sleep and rest in their respective rooms.
When Sister Mary Carmen came to his room he was surprised by a very pleasing smell of rose essence that permeated the room. Full of joy and gratitude could not help but exclaim, "Thank you, dear mother. You are here. "
His first posts were for Consecrated Souls (Priests and Religious), and also invites the laity to pray and ask for them.
On 23 December, in the message No. 10, said: "Children ... daughters, in all places of my appearances you arrive looking for me with the eyes of the body, not the soul and heart and this makes your dissipates Heart. What you will see with really so little faith? If disipáis your spirit, you are suspending feel at your side and in your heart ... "
In the post No. 11 explained her title: "Little children ... daughters, how love and joy I know my dedication for the bear to know, that full My love, the whole world. My children, My Ears Crown represents the Eucharist is food and center of your lives. My dress with white stars, the light through me, shines for you. My Rosary chain binds you to Me, road that takes you to heaven. The Heart represents all my Consecrated Souls. La Cruz coming out of it, is the unconditional surrender of your lives. The Rays are the thanks that through me, my son Jesus pours upon you. My son Jesus with outstretched arms and stare at your dedication, you get everyone together in one heart. I cover you with my mantle. "
On February 6, 1994, at the first anniversary of his appearance, said: "... little children ... daughters: will take up my younger and in union with you come to my Puerto saving every Friday and enter into meditation and prayer, and celebrate the sacrifice of my beloved and pray for my intentions. I have in my heart. "
This message, the last of the official thread, was received by Sister Mary Carmen at 7:05 am and by Mr. Padrón at another time not specified, but certainly a different time of day 2 September 1994. Have joined both messages, the two receivers to build one, they are complementary.
The message contains a final warning of the Blessed Virgin. Warns Blessed Mother about those consecrated souls who have humiliated those other religious souls who were chosen by God to deliver these messages, ignoring, rejecting what they circulated with so much sacrifice and love for other religious and priests and in some cases taking it almost all of them as an invention or a hallucination which had no further attention.
There were superiors and superiors of religious houses and schools who even forbid their members to attend or pilgrimage to this holy place.
Here is the text:
"Hijtos, daughters: 
As Mother of God and your Mother I speak. By this gesture of love I urge you to really change your life and to be obedient to my messages. 
You must to soothe your spirit in the peace of the Lord. 
My Son Jesus has sent me to this sacred place of prayer and meditation, as Mother of My Soul Consecrated ., where appearances are my source of grace for those who are thirsty for Christian love 
. Yeah, daughters, must bear witness to my presence in this place where I have left an indelible mark among you love 
little children, daughters: have taken my messages as something that you do not need and so you cast,. ye prefix human thought in the plans God only knows that you must fulfill without having them, for you not for 
not humble yourselves with your pride to by divine choice have obeyed for plans comply with the Triune God in my grove. 
daughters little children: true humility is acquired only through sacrifice. Lift up your hearts to God and go looking for the mercy of the one true God. 
Little children, daughters: for not being obedient to my messages remain silent in this my grove until my posts are made in you life, in all my consecrated souls. According to the fruits, I'll talk again. It's my Son Jesus who has ordered it so. Ask Him to give fidelity and joy in their service. 
During these difficult times that are close to you: pray, pray. pray, pray. 
daughters, do not look in my chosen some explanation. I seek in your hearts seek within yourself and hang on to the prayer of the Holy Rosary, cling to true life of Christian union. 
I keep you in my heart. "
Given that Rimes had become a phenomenon of incalculable proportions, the same Holy Virgin deigned to give to a priest who wishes to remain anonymous, the meaning of colors. Here is the message of 23-09-1999.
In these times when men feel satisfied and away from that which guides and support, who is my Son, the Lord, I want to express in the most humble way, the messages you want to deliver and express to the meaning of frosts. It's my heart that tells them the protection that I exercise on the children of light, those who have been purchased by the blood of my Son. Therefore, prayer, sacrifice, reconciliation and penance are the weapons with which they will fight in the great battles against Satan.
I want to announce the meaning of the colors of my frost:
• The silver: I show them the magnanimity of my heart. Ask me whatever you want.
• The gold: in them ad I lean toward the weak, I will heal something spiritual, physical, psychological or moral.
• Blue: I love them announce my closeness. I'm with you, I am present.
• The green: they are a song for you to open up to hope. I will act in the favor of God. Hope in God.
• Red: in times of trial offer me a sacrifice, remember I love you.
• Transparent: The way of humility is the path that leads to liberation. Be humble and simple. My heart is expressed in these attitudes.
• The iridescent aquamarine or: is the way, however convoluted it is, I want to announce that I will be with you on that path.
My kids, who have been graced with my gifts, Sprouted love for my son and they are the most loving manifestation of the Father, that everyone loves and blanket in her womb, I impart the blessing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


The apparitions are under investigation.
The members of the commission appointed by the Bishop Monsignor Moronta had the opportunity to examine a large number of eyewitnesses to the facts, including statements containing the frost or the like. They also received written testimony on conversions, healings, thank you and other favors.
The conclusion came after many months of analysis can be summarized in a few sentences.
They had found "no evidence" that the site of the apparitions had occurred any supernatural event but neither could ensure that there was absolutely nothing happened.
Everything was therefore open to future developments of events.
But most importantly buttressed by the bishop of the diocese authorized thereafter to reopen the site to the public in a controlled cult and under the condition that Masses were held either in the chapel or on the porch, not in the altar that had been erected in front of the cave. Further authorized to prayer vigils were held on the eve of the most important festivals of the Blessed Virgin.


Story of Guillermo Padron, Author of the Hymn 
Day: March 22, 1993 Time: 2:47 a.m. 
Location: My house room
I wake up listening to music accompanied by the voices of children, the first thing I wanted to note was its origin. The joy and happiness I felt at that moment gave me a clear idea that there was a music coming from outside my home, however, a1 open the door to leave, he stopped it. I went back to my house and I started again the same; nonconforming went outside and heard nothing.
I go back to my house and started again, was convinced he had heard this music and these voices somewhere and very recently, but so far not remember, so it started to copy what he heard. I can not stop but admire how beautiful this music is accompanied by the voices of children. After the third verse I remember with extreme clarity, who had played throughout the second apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
I was so glad that I woke up my whole family and shared with them so beautiful song, taking the electric keyboard and playing the same tune.
HYMN TO THE VIRGIN MARY "MOTHER of consecrated souls"
When you announced heavenly Mother prayed us your appearance 
lights sky star shine to the coat got all splendor
Daubed sky lights and you wore stars (Bis) 
Virgin Mary mother of Jesus Christ we consecrate souls 
Virgin Mother of God from heaven thy children claim your protection
Virgin Mary in your message the way they guide your children 
Hail, O Queen, O Virgin Pure light and tenderness of heart 
Music and lyrics: Jesus Guillermo Padron B.



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