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Immaculate Conception, Marpingen, Germany

Commemorated on May 17
Immaculate Conception, Marpingen, Germany
In 1876 appeared the Blessed Virgin Mary in Marpingen in Saarland. Our beloved Lady Marpingen Depending desire of the Mother of God is miraculous image was formed. The central theme of his message was: You must pray and not sin.
On July 3, 1876, one day after the coronation in Lourdes image of the Immaculate Conception with an innumerable multitude by a papal legate surrounded by 32 bishops and 500 priests (such as would happen on 16 and 17 May 1999 to restart the processions in Marpingen), the Virgin Mary appeared to three children 8 years appeared above them, on the top of a tree in the middle of a color glow pink when the three girls were collecting berries in the bushes. Three days later, five adults also saw the Queen of Heaven.
There were miracles and miraculous cures of patients considered incurable in the following days when girls put their hands on the sick at the foot of the Mother of God during his appearance. healings also occurred with the water source forest. The Virgin expressed in these terms: it am the Immaculate Conception. Pray with faith and sin not. Pray uttering the words: "Come Holy Spirit" and "protected".
These facts were published in newspapers all over Germany and caused a massive influx of pilgrims to Marpingen. Marpingen name became known to America. Within days, more than 20,000 pilgrims visited the site of the apparitions, with this huge recognition began confessions and communions.
The Prussian government launched a cultural struggle against the Church. A large number of religious was imprisoned following the edicts of Bismarck, including the bishop of Trier, who was jailed for 9 months, 202 of the 731 parishes of the Diocese of Trier were without a priest.
Chancellor Bismarck did not want a "second Lourdes" on German soil. Also the 3 girls were imprisoned for several days, and then were held in an evangelical reformatory.
The events of Marpingen and the huge influx of pilgrims greatly worried the Prussian Parliament, so that one year after the start of the apparitions, forest Marpingen military zone was declared and access to it is prohibited. For 40 years he arrested all one who violated this prohibition. The liberal Prussian Government feared that the facts of Marpingen remain in the memory of the people the truth of the existence of God and heaven.
On September 3, 1877, the Mother of God addressed again at 3 girls Marpingen with these words: I'll be back in a very disturbing and hectic time ..



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