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Virgen de la Consolación / Our Lady of Consolation, Huachana, Santiago del Estero, Alberdi, Argentina

Commemorated on July 31
Virgen de la Consolación / Our Lady of Consolation, Huachana, Santiago del Estero, Alberdi, Argentina
Telésfora Veron, called the girl in countless occasions, in 1820, told his family about the apparitions of the Virgin in the solitude of the mountain, but no one believed him, indeed, everyone thought I was crazy. One night, the neighbors decided to check Huachana said the girl. They met at the place of strange apparitions and waited in the shelter of a fire. At dawn, and the flames, Mary surprised with her figure. Since then, the image is venerated in this impenetrable dusty corner of the province, 80 km west of Campo.    The night appeared perfect to attend the meeting as usual. The unparalleled brilliance of millions of stars and the imperturbable blue sky were their best allies. Once again, he quietly left their humble home and was lost in the dense forest, which at that point had already become his best friend. He reached the holy place and waited for the celestial encounter forever. It took a moment, the miracle again illuminated the darkness of the impenetrable forest, and brought peace to his soul.    Amazed, he watched the divine image for eternal seconds and urgently returned to his small house. The energetic beat of his heart had taken his voice, but not the power of wonder. The family gathered at the table looked at her (again) with slight and eager to not listen, just at the time when he regained his word. " I've seen again ... I swear I've seen it again ", he said emphatically but none of the guests took their eyes of what they offered the dishes served.
  An eerie silence and collective indifference was his only response. For the umpteenth time in his life, he fixed his gaze to the floor and turning 180 degrees, faced by precarious canvas door never to return more. Yes, she tired of being taken for mad by what he said and claimed, was introduced into the dense bush santiagueño never to return home. But this decision of young Telésfora not lost on all members of the Veron family, much less his brother Juan Cruz, who managed to convince neighbors and his own relatives worthwhile reach the site of the apparitions to check, or ultimately discarded, which the girl had been announcing them.


One night, where Felix Taboada in charge of the police station in Huachana, brought together locals and walked to the very spot where Telésfora said it appeared a divine image. Installed in the marked area, next to a tree, they made all night vigil. They spent a few hours and the cold began to numb anxieties. To mitigate the icy solitude of the mountain, they set a huge fire, which they embraced with strength to endure until dawn.   And precisely when the sun announced his arrival at santiagueño sky, the miracle happened. Amid huge flames burning in all its splendor, a heavenly image silenced the mountain and all its inhabitants. It was the Virgin Mary, so often appeared to the girl, who had never given credit as they left forever. Still amazed and surprised by what his eyes aptaban, witnesses of divine appearance that put out the flames and began unknowingly forge the story of the Virgin of Huachana. With smoke announcing the end of the fire, Veron Juan Cruz, brother of the girl who first saw Mary, moved the small image to his humble home, where for many years thousands of devotees came to worship the Virgin.    So Each July 31, began to reach the house of Veron pilgrims who knew the good news. Over the years, the number of faithful who flocked here was increased strongly.    Today, with celebrations by the Bishopric of Añatuya, nearly 100,000 pilgrims from Salta, Tucuman, north of Santiago del Estero, Jujuy, St. Fe, Chaco, Buenos Aires and Bolivia Huachana arrive every year to worship the Virgin, the place where Mary chose to announce his love for all men.
Taken note of: Daily Liberal News Archive - 30/07/06, 
Gustavo Corvalan: The girl and the miracle of the Virgin on the mountain.



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