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Nostra Signora degli Angeli (Our Lady of the Angels) Arcola, Italy

Commemorated on May 21
Nostra Signora degli Angeli (Our Lady of the Angels) Arcola, Italy
A mid-sixteenth century and throughout Italy Spezia lives counter Luther, political greed, aggression of the Turks and cyclical epidemics.
It was when the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels appeared, showing a 5 girls have heard the cry of his people and asking the people who ask for prayer, penance and the construction of a church in his honor ...
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A constant is Marian apparitions that occur at times of greatest crisis in the history of humanity that man observe divine law , and to instill hope in the future, and this is achieved through children whose innocence and purity It is essential for the authenticity and integrity of messages transmitted element.
While the sixteenth century has been characterized by a culture of regeneration of mankind, the Renaissance, on the other hand has a turbulent history from the economic point of view, with imbalances due to inflation resulting from the geographical discoveries, politicians, struggles for the birth of the great European, and religious states, with the Lutheran Reformation and the Anglican schism, the invasions of the Turks.
The sixteenth century is a sad moment for Spezia. The Church passed a cruel test. The furious passion and brutal instincts Luther Arrigo Soliman VIII and causing injury to the religion.
The unbridled greed of empire and glory of Francis I and Charles V helped the nefarious work.
Protestantism, which reigned in the Netherlands, Poland, England, Denmark and several other against Germany, was hailed as the state religion, and boldly invaded Switzerland, and heads to France. The Turks threatened Europe, came to barbarism within the same religion and civilization. Beloved Italy The Church prayed and moaned.
Arcola was also continuously plagued by wars, hatred, passions, diseases, pests.
Meanwhile, the Lady from heaven watching over the health of their children, are hurt by their ingratitude, and prayer and love stopped omnipotent divine vengeance. The Blessed Virgin, wanted to publicize their salvation ungrateful children of God, manifested in miraculous and impressive appearance.
ON 21 MAY 1556
It was clear that Mary May 21, came to give their perfume to the land of Arcola. was being the feast of Pentecost.
The appearance of Mary in Arcola occur during the work of the Council of Trent (1545-1563) with its bold reforms give much impetus to the emergence of different ecclesial movements and new models of holiness, in an area with problems.
The five daughters of Baldassare Fiamberti and Margarita Blasio, BARBARA, CAMILLA, ISABEL, CATARINETTA, ANGELA, with his mother, father and Francisco, Bartholomew, Ippolito, and Giovanni brothers, all born and living in Arcola, listening to Mass in the Parish Church of Arcola, the pastor was Picedi Giacomo D., and fulfilled all the devotions of the solemnity, with the consent of the parents, five daughters are heading to the nearby forest property, called Carbonara, where sometimes used to go to play and then pray.
After a short tour between old trees and plants starts ringing the bell of the Parish of San Nicolas now, than at noon, calling the monks to prayer.
Girls suspended play and ridden pious meditation, merciful God remember the lamentable condition of the Church, the turmoil of the world, the desolation of their country, praying to the Blessed Virgin and the devout recitation of the Rosary.
Heavenly Mother heard from heaven, with special tenderness greeting Angelico "Angelus Domini" and light like paradise surrounded them. Surprised their gaze to the foliage of a rosemary plant and a majestic view on the lady, bright as the sun dressed in white, flanked by two Angels. For the beauty of the face, the gentle manners and superhuman splendor that surrounded it could be none other than Queen of Heaven.
It is easy to imagine the awe and are voiceless and awe.
Set eyes on sweet lady ecstatic, while a sweet voice, and the mother reassures:
"Fear not, daughter, I'm Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Queen of Angels" and raising his hand: "Go, go, tell the people to pray and do penance. Their prayers have reached my heart, now is time to act: it go! go! "
Sighted astonished by such grace they replied: "But Sweet Lady, we are willing to what you say, but do not know how to preach."
"Daughters says Maria, do not worry, with my help find everything easy. Go and tell the good neighbors who raise my honor, a temple in this place. "
And the Virgin rose into the sky, accompanied by his angels, slowly falling out of the eyes of the lucky ones, leaving them full of confidence and heavenly comfort.
They come to your home hastily say fear their loved ones what happened, notify the pastor, and forgetting his littleness, in the words of the Divine Lady, begin to announce wonder what preaching entrusted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the pastor, clergy, villagers, listen to these simple souls, and as driven by a mysterious force all go to the location and appearance of praying and pleading initiating severe penance.
An indescribable joy and confidence walking everyone's mind: the country is safe.
The new release expands and crowds of pilgrims from near and far, penitent, praying, reaching the Carbonara, where they want to find true peace, an inner renewal, a joy that the world is approaching.
The process of emergence was compiled by Gio Battista Bracelli Bishop Bishop of Sarzana, and the Congregation of Rites, the sacred image of the Virgin was declared venerable and miraculous.
Times are sad in families, there are shortages, but people want to fulfill request of the Virgin and prepare to build the temple in his honor.
Heavenly Mother is ordered and good souls, dodging obstacles and fatigue in two years raised the church.
It is a magnificent temple, enriched with precious treasures of the piety of the faithful, to express gratitude to the Mother of God in thanksgiving.
Meanwhile, thank you very much confirms the blessing of Mary in this place, almost four and a half centuries later, the popular devotion to Our Lady of the Angels is alive in Arcola and surrounding areas.
The Shrine of Our Lady of Angels City of Arcola Liguria in the province of La Spezia, which is located on top of the hill of the village in a panoramic position.
Construction of the temple began in 1556 and it was completed in 1558, the title of patron of the community of Arcola was granted by the Republic of Genoa, soon after.
The formal coronation took place in 1910.
The architectural structure of the church is divided into three naves, separated by Ionic columns. Under the chancel is the chapel of the Apparition. In the interior there are a large number of ex votos, and there kept a statue of the Virgin Mary by sculptor Battista Orsolini Carrara, executed in 1624.
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels in Arcola, is one of the typical manifestations of the great rejuvenation of Marian devotion occurred in eastern Liguria, during the Counter-Reformation and one of the few monuments of Lunigiana expressed in religious language and authentic Baroque art.
It contains valuable paintings of the eighteenth century, including the Virgen del Rosario Andrea Podenzana Painter (1688).
The richly decorated in marble and polychrome stucco church has imprint of the eighteenth century.



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