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Nossa Senhora do Pranto, Espinhal, Penela, Coimbra, Centro, Portugal

Commemorated on June 13
Nossa Senhora do Pranto, Espinhal, Penela, Coimbra, Centro, Portugal

At the time ruled Portugal, our King Dinis gave it a miraculous event there for bands Ferreira Zêzere. A village at the time called Vats, who according to legend was dowry, membership of Queen Isabel, who already called Santa, were heard by his overseer, name, William of Pavia, piteous moans coming from the woods, beyond Zêzere.



It appears that William of Pavia, having gone to Coimbra, gave the news to the Queen heard these moans when she told him, be with Mary, want to come to their areas. He was careful, and when he returned to hear such groans, would seek, to find that there was an image of Our Lady. To take her to church Vats, and then give her part for her to see what it would do. And so it happened!

William heard the plaintive moans again, searched the woods and found an old and beautiful image of the Virgin with dead arms, image in very heavy stone would have to be transported to the river in a bullock cart, and then Jesus made the crossing by boat, back to being transported in ox cart, to the church.

But this finding was made already out of term Vats in land Villagaya, parish Cernache the Bom Jardim, Serta term. And as the event off right by far known, came the people of these lands require the image as your membership, putting himself before the horse in order to force them to drive the car to Cernache the Bom Jardim. Only the animals especaram front paws so that neither soft-spoken nor balconies or goads to encourage walking, made them raise their paws the ground and they moved even ... After the soft-spoken, and goads the Empowering Blows that were of no avail, removed the yoke releasing the oxen, turned the car towards Vats, the oxen again affixed to the car, and these began to walk without difficulty!

All the people saw and believed, as God's will, be taken to Vats picture.

William did not neglect to go to Coimbra break the news to the Queen, Santa Isabel, who immediately hastened to come to Vats thus, the first pilgrims to pray before the image of Our Lady, who was then called Lady of Tears. And the miracles began to happen!

The people of the land, had Our Lady of Tears by its patron and protector. Vats would be forever under their protection!

The land surrounding the village, and all belonging to the term Vats - called Dornes today - were forever free from pests and scourges in their cultures, as happened with the pest aphid and caterpillar, in 1697, that decimated crops in many places in Portugal, without Dornes nothing bad happened!

The pilgrimage of devotees, who had begun as soon as the miraculous image was found, and the miracles of the Virgin, were happening, if succeeded by years out, not only to ask for healing for the sick, and many other applications, which impelled him, gave encouragement to the people, and led to Dornes go on a pilgrimage of penance, prayer and piety, was to obtain the protection of crops, with the removal of any pest that attacked.

Podentes also had occasion to assert the protection of Our Lady of Tears - so called by this name already - when its vineyards were attacked by the terrible plague - phylloxera - and made his first pilgrimage to Dornes in 1859.

Were already many annual pilgrimages that were made there, as the number of Tapers to that date were in the sacristy of the Church of Dornes - Today important Marian shrine - and the Candle of Podentes was  also included in this number, which today is the mark the devotion of our people, making their annual pilgrimage pays homage to Our Lady of Tears, asks her moments favors and graces received thank you!

In this first pilgrimage made by parish Podentes, the devout people, sang and prayed, asking the Virgin to depart from the vineyards, the disease that decimated:


Our Lady of Tears

What is venerated in Vats,

Bring out the animal Grapevine

Mandai Torgas biting him go!


And, thinking of the pitiful moans heard that William of Pavia, and by which found the image of Our Lady, who would pray in faith, asking or thanking thanks received in ever greater devotion, singing:


Lady Weeping cries,

Is heard in Cabaços ...

Has the Beloved Son dead,

Deitadinho in his arms ...


And, thinking more requests and promises that would make Madonna, like many devout pilgrims, who flocked Dornes, sang:


I will pray with devotion

Our Lady of Tears ...

If it meets my request,

I will give you a beautiful mantle!



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