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Mother of Mercy (Pellevoisin, France)

Commemorated on February 14
Mother of Mercy (Pellevoisin, France)
Pellevoisin is a little village not far from Tours in France. In 1876, a young woman, Estelle Faguette, lay dying from tuberculosis – only five hours to live in the opinion of the doctors. But on the 13th of February, when all were expecting her death, Our Lady appeared near the sickbed. This occurred on three successive nights, and then, as Our Lady had promised, the sick woman was instantly cured on a Saturday.
During the visits, Our Lady of Pellevoisin frequently spoke to Estell, her theme being that which she so often has expressed during the past hundred years:
“I am all-merciful and have great influence over my Son. What distresses me most is the lack of respect for my Son. Publish my glory.”
For some months after her miraculous cure, Estelle continued to live quietly at Pellevoisin. She was at a loss to find the means of fulfilling the mission entrusted to her by Our Lady. Her heavenly visitor, however, was watching over her, and Estelle was to see her again and receive more minute instructions as to what was required of her. On the feast of Our Lady’s visitation in the same year, 1876, as Estell was praying in her room, she was granted another vision. Our Lady, robed in white and wearing on her breast a white scapular with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, appeared to her favored friend. This was the first of a series of wonderful visions enjoyed by Estelle, ten in all. Again and again Mary pointed to the great need for penance and expiation – a return to God.

Source: Woman in Orbit 


Pellevoisin In France there was the last major apparitions of the Virgin Mary in France in the nineteenth century. It began with the Miraculous Medal (1830), then followed with Our Lady of Victories (1836), La Salette (1846), Lourdes (1858), Pontmain (1871) and finally Pellevoisin (1876). 
The Virgin appeared 15 times the visionary, to cure her of terminal tuberculosis, to say he was blessed and to convey messages ...
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Pellevoisin is a population of just thousand French commune, in the central region, department of Indre, in the district of Châteauroux and corner of Écueillé
In February 1876, a domestic servant, was very ill in bed. When the disease began, Estelle, 23, asked God why he had allowed since she was the sole support of his parents and an orphaned niece. However, with the progress of the disease, she surrendered to the will of God, offering everything to atone for their sins.
Not expected to live too Faguette Estelle. It tuberculosis in both lungs and throughout your skeletal system. His right arm is completely disabled and displays a large wound. Despite suffering from a chronic peritonitis she refuses to accept that he will die, thus leaving his parents and his niece unprotected.
Rejects Extreme Unction and after receiving Holy Communion, goes on to say, My God, You know better than I what is best for me. Do what you want, but I ask you to give me the strength to carry out this free sacrifice and serenely. A few days and Estelle can not even pray.
Fifteen appearances followed that moment. The first 5 had to do with healing, 3 were for blessings and to say that she was blessed and the remaining 7 contained messages.
Estelle says that "the devil appeared to me at the foot of my bed the night running from Monday 14 to Tuesday, February 15. He appeared very quickly. Just finished appear when the Blessed Virgin appeared on the other side. The horrifying era and I was very scared, but said the presence of the Virgin and stepped back. Our Lady asked ": "What are you doing here? Do not you realize that she has my logo and My Son?. "
He retired making a strange move. Our Lady said softly: "Fear not. You know you're my daughter. " Then I remembered that when I was 14, I had been consecrated as the daughter of Mary in the chapel of the Rue Clerc in Paris.
She then told me: "Courage and patience. My son is going to take care especially. You'll suffer for five days in honor of the five wounds of my Son. For Saturday or you'll be dead or alive. If My Son allows you to live, I want to proclaim my glory " . I asked him as I was going to do that, and I'm nothing special!.
At the same time I saw a mosaic between her and I and in which recognized a photo then inquired: but, beloved Mother, where do I go to this place in Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris or Pellevoisin?.
She did not mediate time to finish the sentence: " There are many signs of my power in the Notre Dame de Paris, while there is none in Pellevoisin. People here need a stimulus " . I was shaking and I was happy though. I promised she was going to be all that was in me to spread His glory.
. The next night from 15 to 16 February, the Devil reappeared while the Blessed Virgin She said: " Fear not, I am here. This time my son is showing His mercy and will do live, on Saturday you will be healed. " Then I said, "My goodness, if I had to die today, as I am well prepared." She replied: "You ungrateful, if My Son gives life is because you need it. What other most precious thing you can give to the people of this earth life?. Do not think you'll be free from suffering. No!. Going to suffer and you're going to be trouble-free. These are things that life offers. You have touched the hearts of My Son with your dedication and patience. Do not miss these fruits making the wrong choice. Did not I tell you that if you let the living, you'd spread my glory? ". Blessed Mother said afterwards: "Now let's talk about what happened."
His face looked a little sad, but also kind gesture remained. I was completely impressed by the mistakes he had made, which at first had seemed small. Kept quiet about what she had told me and I just admitted that she had scolded me severely, and he considered that he deserved scolding. Blessed Mother looked at me with a benevolent expression on his face, and disappeared without saying a word.
During the night going from 16 to 17 February saw the devil again, but very far from me. The Blessed Mother told me: "Have courage, my daughter." scolding of the previous occurrence came to my mind and I was scared and shaking. The Blessed Virgin, noticing my pain, said, "Ya that's part of the past with your denial has managed to change the wrong thing right." She showed me some of the good I had done, but that was still a lesser amount my bad actions.
Seeing my sadness, Our Lady stressed: "I am merciful, and Mistress of My Son. The few good deeds and prayers that you have offered me have touched my heart with Mother, especially the letter you wrote me in September. What moved me was the sentence: 'Go the misery of my parents, if I'm no longer here, end up on the streets begging for food. Remember what You suffered when your Son Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross. ' I showed this letter to my Son. Your parents need you. In future be faithful to this task. Do not lose the graces you have given and scatters everywhere My Glory. "
On the night of February 18, the Blessed Virgin appeared to get even more than usual and then she reminded me of my promise. Then I saw this great mosaic, with pimpo 
ment in each of its corners. In the middle a golden heart pierced by a sword and a crown of roses, and written on it were the words: "I called Mary from my deep despair. She interceded for me in His Son and scored a total cure for me. "
Then she spoke to me . "If you want to serve, be simple and make your actions reflect your words"
I asked if I would change somehow or . going to go somewhere else 
She said "Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can earn blessings and can proclaim my glory."
Then she said, very sadly, " It saddens me greatly to see that people do not have Respect for My Son in the Eucharist and the way that people pray while your mind is on other things. I say this to all who aspire to be pious. "
So I asked him if it was definitely starting to proclaim His glory. "Yes, yes! But first ... ask your confessor Father's what you think. You will encounter obstacles, you will be terribly cheated and people will say you're crazy or stuff like that, then do not listen to them, be loyal to me and I'm going to help. " Then she disappeared smoothly.
There followed a period of great suffering tremendous. My heart seemed to jump out of my body and suffered excruciating pain in my stomach and abdomen. Then I remembered that I was with Rosario grabbed my left hand. I offered all my sufferings to God. I did not know that was the end of my illness. After a few minutes of rest I started feeling very well, in perfect condition. I wondered what time it would be and saw it was 12:30. I was cured, only my right arm was still useless. Around 6:30 my Parish Priest came and sat on the corner of my bed (Estelle had already informed all). "Do not worry, I will celebrate Holy Mass and bring Holy Communion, and at that time You can now use his right hand, as I believe ... ".
The second part of the apparitions began on Saturday July first. At quarter past ten p.m. I was kneeling offering my evening prayers when suddenly I saw the Blessed Virgin completely surrounded by light. She was dressed in white.
She stopped to look at something, crossed his hands on his chest and smiled as he said: " . Remain calm, my daughter, have patience, it will be difficult for you, but I will be with you "
I was very happy but not I could say anything. She stayed a while and said: " . Courage, will go back " and disappeared as he had done in February.
At 1130 I woke up, I saw the time, and waited to see the Blessed Virgin before midnight. I knelt by my bed and there was finished to say a Hail Mary when Holy Virgin appeared before me, bright lights coming out of his hands, and then folded his hands on his chest. His eyes were watching me.
He said: "You have already proclaimed my Gloria (then confided to me a secret). Keep it up, My Son has won more souls who have surrendered to Him devoutly His heart is so full of love for My Heart, I can never deny anything, my intercession He will touch and soften the hardest of hearts " .
I wanted to ask for a sign of His power, but did not know what to say or how to ask, so I said: "My good Mother, please ... Your Glory."
She understood me and asked: "Is not that your healing is strong evidence My Power?. I came especially to save sinners. "
She turned to me: "Let people see it . " And he went quietly.
On July 3 was only a few minutes and gently rebuked me. "I want you to be calmer, more at peace. I have not said that day or hour, I'll go back, but you need rest. "
The third part of the apparitions began on September 9. I was in the room where he had been cured at the end of a Rosary appeared to me the Divine Mother.
First She looked around and said: "You played yourself with an appearance on August 1 because you were quiet. You have a real French character. You know everything before quisierais see and understand everything before you know it. I had come yesterday, but the poderme You stopped yourself seeing. "
She waited a moment and then said, "The wonderful rooms where are the treasures of My Son, for which people pray, have been open a long time."
. Then she grabbed a white genre that I had seen several times on his chest and saw appear a red heart on it, and that reminded me of the scapular of the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
She said: "I love this devotion ' adding 'is here I'll be honest. "
She returned on September 10 at the same time and suggested: . "Let the people pray, give the example" Then she clasped her hands and disappeared.
At 2.45 the Celestial Mother appeared with outstretched arms and light rays radiating from His hands, as had become usual. 
She said: "I will take into account all your efforts to keep peace and calm. I ask this not only you, but also ask the same Church and France. In the Church I see ... very calmly. "
She then sighed as she moved her head and stated: "something is happening".
She went on slowly . "They pray and put your trust in Me" Then she said sadly, "And France ... I've done everything I could for her!. I have given many warnings but they refuse to listen. I can not stop my son any longer. "
She then said, deeply moved: "France will suffer," then arise: . "Courage and confidence,"
I thought to myself that people would not believe me if I said that. 
then she said: "I have said all that in advance I grieve those who disbelieve, they will have to later recognize the truth in my words. " And then she disappeared slowly.
On 1 November she put in his usual pose and looked around, was wearing the scapular. He looked at me with a kindly expression and went.
On November 5, when I was finishing my Rosario saw the Blessed Virgin. She smiled and said: "I have chosen you."
This made me so happy.
She then added: "I prefer the humble for My Glory. Ten strength, your testing time is about to begin. " She folded his hands on his chest and left.
At 4 least ten I was praying my Rosary when she reappeared. 
She stood as always with the scapular. "You have to do many more." 
Then he was silent for quite a long time. His expression of grief. Then he said: "Courage." He covered his hands over his chest, completely covering the scapular and left.
After the Mass She appeared to me more beautiful than ever!. . Following its usual initial silence 
She said: "My daughter ... Do you remember My words?".
All that She told me came to my mind very clearly, in particular: "I am absolutely merciful and Mistress of My Son . His heart has much love for mine ... He will touch the hardest of hearts by Mi. I have especially come to save sinners. The rooms where the treasures of My Son are have long been open. If you could only pray ... (pointing to the scapular) I love this devotion. I call all the rest and peace, especially the Church and France. "
She said then: "Repeat all these things very often, they will help you through your trials and tribulations. No longer will you see anything. " "I'll be with you, but invisible. You need not fear them, I have chosen you to proclaim My glory and to spread this devotion. " While saying this she held the scapular in His Hands.
She gave me so angry I said My Adored Mother, leave me the scapular?. . Was almost as if he had not heard me 
She called me: "Come and kiss him." "You go to the same Prelaat and present the model that you have done, tell him help pleases me more than to see how my kids use it while giving his back on everything, which is an insult to my Son. People should use it while receiving the Sacrament of His Love and do everything they can to repair the damage already done. View the graces will pour upon all who use it while trusting my van spreading this devotion. "
While saying this, She extended Her Hands and rain fell generously and clearly written every drop was a grace. Health, trust, respect, love, holiness, all the graces that one can imagine a greater or lesser extent 
then She added: "These graces are My Son, I take them out of His heart, He can not deny anything."
Then I wondered:. Madre What should I put on the back of the Scapular 
Blessed Mother replied: "I have reserved to myself that side, you think about it and then communicate your thoughts to the Holy Church for her to decide." "Courage, if he does what you want (She was referring to Preelat) see above. Have no fear, I'll help. "


Pope Leo XIII, in May 1894, approved the Confraternity of Mary, Mother of Mercy, dedicated to spreading the scapular of the Sacred Heart.
The Congregation of Rites, in a decree of April 4, 1900, granted approval to the scapular of the Sacred Heart. He did not mention Pellevoisin in connection with these approvals (if mentioned at St. Margaret Mary).
Estelle Faguette healing miracle was officially declared in 1983 by the Archbishop of Bourges, Mgr Paul Vignancour.


O Mother of Mercy. Who dost offer to us the Scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and who dost desire that all thy children should be clothed with this holy Livery, penetrate our souls with the spirit of reparation and of penance, of which the scapular is the emblem and make us ardently love the Divine Heart, which has loved men so much, and is so little loved in return. Our Lady of Pellevoisin, Who dost love this devotion make all Christians the devoted apostles of the Sacred Heart, and lead them to pray with Thee for the Church and for our Country. Amen.
Prayer addressed to Mary by Estelle Faguette in September 1876 begging for a cure as she was suffering greatly from peritonitis:
Mother of Mercy, here I am once again at your feet
You cannot refuse to hear me
You have not forgotten that I am your child and that I love you
From your Divine Son and for his glory grant me then the grace ----
Remember then the sufferings that you endured that night of the Savior's birth,
when you had to go from door to door seeking shelter.
Remember too what you suffered when Jesus was extended on the cross.
I have confidence in you, O Mother of Mercy.
If you will it, your Son will grant what I ask.
Deign to listen to my supplications and repeat them to him.
That he will grant me this grace ---- if such is his good pleasure, but may his will be done and not mine.
May he grant me at least an entire submission to his designs.
and that this will serve for my salvation and that of sinners.
You possess my heart, O Mother Most Merciful, to do all that depends on me for your glory and that of your Divine Son.
Take under your protection all those who are dear to me....
O Blessed Virgin, grant that I will imitate your obedience and that one day in eternity I shall, with you, possess Jesus.
(Imprimatur - Bourges - A. Girard - December 24, 1975



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