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Madre delle Ginestre (Our Lady of the Broom), Cori, Italy

Commemorated on Second Sunday of May, May 4
Madre delle Ginestre (Our Lady of the Broom), Cori, Italy
The sanctuary is the place where the Madonna went to rescue a three-year-old Olive during a storm, who was found only after eight days and when she had told her story, all the church with the clergy and magistrates, went in procession to the mountain, where they unearthed a fresco with the image of the Virgin on a throne holding the arm of the Child in blessing. The fourteenth-century fresco with many successive overlays, probably belonged to an ancient chapel. 
On the site, the first church was consecrated in 1537 to Our Lady of the Broom. The numerous miracles attributed to the Virgin in the following years led in addition to the change of the title Our Lady of Salvation, to the construction of a new larger church, the present, consecrated in 1639.



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