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Madonna delle Lacrime (Madonna of the Tears), Ponte Nossa, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy

Commemorated on June 2
Madonna delle Lacrime (Madonna of the Tears), Ponte Nossa, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
According to tradition, on June 2 1511 , a shepherdess of the country staring at the picture saw the face of Mary change, open and close her eyes to weep blood. Together he heard a voice that told her to call the other people in order to observe all the apparition, as well as to build a new church. The witness was then collected by a notary and put in writing. The new sacred building, begun in 1525 and completed in 1533 , was built in the Lombard Romanesque style alongside the existing church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Consecrated in 1575 and elevated to the rank of a parish in 1583 , when he separated from Premolo, was configured in such a way that the miraculous fresco became the side altar. The previous church was then demolished in 1716 in order to make room for the new sacristy of the complex.


In the religious sphere, the main building is undoubtedly the shrine of Our Lady of Tears, also known as Saint Mary of the Annunciation, considered a national monument. Located at the entrance of the village in the locality Campolungo, was built on the site of an earlier church of medieval origin of the rather small. The latter, dedicated to St. Mary and the Martyrs Seven Brothers , had on its facade a fifteenth-century painting of James Busca, depicting the Madonna and Christ crucified.

The church of San Bernardino
The property has a single nave divided into five bays, the outside has a façade with a central rose window placed above the entrance portal, the sides of which are placed two single. Stand inside the arches and wooden ceiling frescoed paintings by Giovanni Cavalleri, as well as numerous votive witnesses of popular devotion. However what catches the most attention is the presence of a stuffed crocodile about three meters long, placed above the entrance of the right. The presence of the reptile, documented since 1594 , according to tradition was due to the gift of a merchant, imbattutosi in animals at Rimini, he managed to kill him after invoking the intercession of the Madonna di Ponte Nossa. However, it is likely that the merchant in question, the Bonelli de 'Ferrari, it has purchased, from the Adriatic city. Another popular version has it that the animal instead to haunt the waters of the Serious and that some people would have captured and placed in the shrine as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary. The church was rebuilt at the beginning of the twentieth century, designed by Giovanni Muzio, is still a place of pilgrimage and the subject of popular veneration.




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