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Madonna della Rotonda (Pumenengo, Italy)

Commemorated on May 24
Madonna della Rotonda (Pumenengo, Italy)

Almost a century and a half after the apparition of the Blessed Virgin in Caravaggio , which took place as is known the 26 May 1432 , it is said that May 24, 1585, to a  deaf-mute Calino,  who moved recently to Pumenengo and named  Zamboni Francesco , appeared the Madonna and ordered him to invite the owner of the property, Count Francesco Barbò , to erect a temple where there was then a simple chapel country.


The deaf-mute, suddenly regained the power of speech, he did make the heavenly mission in proving himself the truth of what asserted; so the most pious Lord, convinced, he hurried to make the desire of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and three years (in 1588) with the assistance of Count Antonio Secco, one of the condos and Soccer with the offerings of the people of Pumenengo, it gave the sacred building constructed .


A rare fresco votive 1698 (Our Lady of Caravaggio) around the home of Football

A rare fresco votive 1698 (Our Lady of Caravaggio) around the home of Football

Madonna showed immediately like so promptly in adhering to his will by granting many graces, which were to witness hundreds of votive tablets that decorated the walls of the temple.


Compassion and munificence of Nob. Family Barbò, patron of the magnificent temple, it had also provided plenty of dowry and restored several times. In 1873, the Count Giacomo, riparatolo forward, he added on top of the dome a golden statue that the time consumed in short because of resistant material. Everyone knows the painful abandonment in which the Sanctuary was left during the war and after the war. After 10 years of hard-working practices, in January 1932, the parish priest and the vestry had the consolation of signing an instrument whereby the Nob. Family Barbò possessed a capital for Reconstructions of the temple and for a partial fulfillment of the obligations of worship, also waiving any right of patronage.


In the same year the R. Superintendent of monuments of Milan proceeded to restoration with generous contest of the faithful, who also took the new temple topped by gilded copper statue of the Virgin in perpetual memory of the claim of the Sanctuary of you. Now, from grateful gratitude of the people for the graces that the Divine Mother has again begun to dispense, expects the competition to the repair of the precious frescoes in the dome and cornices in stucco emaciated much for filtrations happened in a long time of desolation.





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