Nostra Signora di Roc
Fiesole, Italy (1446)

Commemorated on November 25
Nostra Signora di Roc

Nostra Signora di Roc (Our Lady of the Rock) at Fiesole about 40 miles east of Pisa and north of Florence that is commemorated annually on November 25th. Legend says that  twin shepherdesses brought the sheep in everyday near Fiesole. On the mountain road that the girls usually walked  was a small cavern carved into the rock, was a statue of Mary and Jesus with two angels. In this place, they used to stop and pray.


On the feast of the Visitation in 1446, two young twin sisters, while they were guarding their flock sought protection under a rock. The Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus in her arms appeared to them in a cloud. She reassured them and tells them she desires a church, then asks them to alert their father. He goes to that place. The Virgin appeared to him and reiterates her request. The inhabitants of the village flock. Many of them see the Virgin. The ecclesiastical authorities approved the construction of a sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Roc. The construction had just begun when Mary appeared to all present to thank them and encourage them to bring the work to completion. 


Cattedrale di San Romolo

Cattedrale di San Romolo (Fiesole, Italy)

The origin of the building dates back to 1028 , when the bishop Jacopo il Bavaro decided to transfer the cathedral , which was until then at the Abbey , within the walls ...

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