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Madonna dell'Umiltà, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Commemorated on July 17
Madonna dell'Umiltà, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy
In 1383, Paolo Serafini painted the fresco of the Madonna of Humility for the chapel of Santa Maria Forisportam (St. Mary Outside the Gate) outside town. A century later, Pistoia erupted in bloody civil strife. On July 17, 1490, a group of people took refuge in the chapel. While praying, they saw drops of sweat pour from the Virgin's face onto her clothing. Some witnesses rang the bell, while others ran to spread the news. The combat ended, and both sides ran to see the miracle. A magnificent new sanctuary, renamed for the painting, was dedicated on the spot December 31, 1582. The image shows the Madonna seated on a cushion on the floor, nursing the child at her right breast. See the Basilica's site, (Picture from "Madonna dell'Umiltà - Pistoia - 17 Luglio 1490," Maria di nazareth,  



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