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Madonna Addolorata / Sorrowful Madonna,(Cerreto Sorano, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy)

Commemorated on May 19
Madonna Addolorata / Sorrowful Madonna,(Cerreto Sorano, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy)
May 19, 1853, in Cerreto, Italy, (Tuscany, Diocese of Pitigliano), at a place called "the casetta" Veronica Nucci, a shepherdess of about twelve, kept his flock together with John the Baptist, his brother seven years, when she saw before her a "beautiful lady kneeling, wearing a white dress with red flowers and a black belt, a blue mantle blue with red spots on his head a golden crown terminating in a cross." "Veronica, come closer, you will not get wet, kneel down here," he heard her say, and added: "Let us pray the Creed to my Son (...) Let us pray Protest (prayer of preparation for death)." And finally: "Help me to mourn." - Why are you crying?, Veronica asks. -I cry for sinners. See how it rains? Sinners are more numerous than the drops of rain. My Son has the hands and feet nailed, the Five Wounds open. If sinners are not converted, my son will have to allow the end of the world. And you will be content to live three or four months, or you reach the end of the world? - I would rather die! "Asked Mrs. pray:" Every day seven Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glorias by Gore five Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glorias by the Five wounds and seven Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glorias for me that my name Our Lady of Sorrows. " While reciting the prayers requested by the Virgin, Veronica hears a voice: "Veronica, along with your mother go to the bishop and tell him that a chapel should be built." "But I don't even believe!" "Go, tell him, and you will believe." Veronica and her mother went to convince Mons. Barzellotti, bishop of Pitigliano, that the story is worthy of interest. On July 20, 1853, he notified Pius IX. On the following August 13, the Pope requested that an investigation be opened and that a chapel be built if the findings were positive. Mons. Barzellotti took ill and died in 1861. The bishop of the diocese of Acquapendente (†1877) spearheaded the investigation. Veronica was deposed by a jury. Meanwhile, she became a third order Franciscan. There was evidence of some healing, such as Veronica's mother, who had a diagnosis of a tumor. On September 8th, 1864, they began to open a church at the location of the apparition for the faithful. It became a parish church. The circumstances delayed the judgment of the ecclesiastical commission. On March 25, 1978, Mons. D'Ascenzi, bishop of Sovano-Pitigliano, published the decree that elevated the sanctuary of Cerreto to the level of Diocesan sanctuary. 
|Source: Laurentin, Rene and Sbalchiero, Patrick. Dictionary of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary. 2010 Edizioni ART. p. 160. 
Veronica Nucci (born 1841, died in Ischia as a Franciscan in 1862) saw the Blessed Virgin Mary on a lawn May 19, 1853. Mary wore a blue dress covered with flowers with a golden crown. The Virgin appeared to the seer, even after, in the convent. Our Lady, weeping over the sins of the world, Veronica Nucci urged to devote even his pain and his atonement to the sacred Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ. On the site of the first apparition was discovered a spring where the first began to manifest healing. In this place was built a Marian chapel which was consecrated in 1857.
Source: Hierzenberger 1997 pp 204-205 


The village is best known for the ' Marian apparition that is said to have occurred to the young shepherdess Veronica Nucci (November 26, 1841 - November 9, 1862) May 19, 1853, which made it the destination of many pilgrimages, especially since 1864, when it was opened to worship the shrine in memory of the event. On 19 May 1978 celebration of the 125th anniversary of the event, was paid to fly the Diocese of Pitigliano-Sovana-Orbetello a commemorative plaque on the house where Veronica Nucci.


In 1841 Cerreto was a small rural town where they lived just four families of the descendants of Nucci, the owners of the surrounding land. One of these was that of Antonio Nucci and Stella Maria Franci, who had four children. The last was a girl, born November 26, 1841, that was called Veronica, because of a premonitory dream of the mother during pregnancy. Veronica's childhood spent in serene simplicity. The mother educates in faith and Christian virtues that are the heritage of rural households. The day begins in the morning before sunrise. It is thought the house and the farm work. They send the sheep, of which there is a lot of care because they form the basic income of the family. In the evening, before dinner, we gather to pray the Rosary. On holidays you participate in the Mass in the parish of "Santa Maria Eagle" or in Sorano, where you can also make the necessary purchases. He and particularly the so-called "Friday sacrati", with special prayers at the Crucified and the Virgin of Sorrows. The pastor, Father Fedele Natali, defines the parents of Veronica "observant of religious practices, fearless in the costumes and great educators of the family."
The appearance of the May 19, 1853
Veronica in the afternoon, as usual, is in the fields intent to graze his sheep. The sky is slowly clouds and the air gets dark. Soon thunder and lightning create an atmosphere of fear. The girl, who is the brother Teesta (John the Baptist, smaller than her), is quick to push the sheep to a nearby hut to shelter them. 
Suddenly the rain pours. His brother is already protected with the sheep, while Veronica stopped, surprised to see a lady dressed in white in that place, and amazed at the fact that close to that lady does not rain ...
This is the testimony of Veronica: "I saw a woman kneeling in front of me ... he called me and made me genuflect ... was very beautiful, wore a white dress sprinkled with red flowers ... encircled a band of black gleaming on his head ... a blanket of light blue, that fell down to the crease of your knees ... ".
His hands were outstretched as in the attitude of supplication, and on his head a golden crown, in the middle of which there was a cross. The lady told him to approach without fear, because he would not wet despite the rain. Facing the parish church asked Veronica to pray with you. The child watched the tears in the face of the lady and asked her the reason for his pain this said, weeping for sinners: "You see how it's raining? But sinners are more numerous the drops of water falling ... " .The lady spoke of punishments that would come from heaven if not repaired the sins, asked to play for this purpose seven Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory for the spilled blood (Veronica declared then not knowing what it was this expression) and other prayers for the wounds of the Crucified and " for me that my name is Mary of Sorrows. " He repeated: "Go home, tell your mother ... that tell everyone ... that my name is Mary of Sorrows" . Veronica then walked to her brother, while the Virgin Mary remained in his prayerful attitude. Shortly after the rain stopped.
The reactions
Back home, finding her mother in poor health, early Veronica told him what had happened, but everyone was able to see with wonder how the girl, while remaining in the countryside in the rain, as the brother confirmed , had the clothes completely dry ... The next day, however, the mother recovers, and Veronica simply tells her everything. There is wonder and confusion, there are those who believe and those who think it is just an invention or illusion. Then the cousin of Veronica, the Nazarene, leaps up, taking a cross and expressing the intention to go on the site of the alleged apparition. Many follow him, and in the place indicated by Veronica see with surprise, on the wet turf, the clear imprints of the knees of a person kneeling. So they are convinced of the truth of the story: Our Lady is really appeared in that place!
The chapel
May 22 is informed Archpriest Busatti, who also bears him on the spot, where you can still see the marks of "lady", and notes that many people already goes on the spot to form the first pilgrimages spontaneous. A few days later, while Veronica prays in the Apparition Hill, he hears a voice that says: "... Veronica facts lead by the Bishop and tell him that here we face a chapel."
The construction of the Sanctuary
This papal document, of undoubted importance, gives us a clear proof of the reliability of the facts of Cerreto. That population has believed and accepted the message of Our Lady, in its true spirit and more supernatural, without fanaticism or exaltation. The May 8, 1857, still living Veronica Nucci, he began the construction of the Sanctuary with the blessing and the laying of the cornerstone. The new church was consecrated on September 8, 1864. The shrine, dedicated to the Virgin of Sorrows, is not great, but enough to accommodate a large number of faithful. The plant is a Latin cross, with a simple neoclassical facade. The chapel on the left is dedicated to the Addolorata. A painting depicts the apparition of the Virgin Veronica Nucci, who died on Nov. 9, 1862, when he was only 21 years old. His mortal remains are in this same chapel. The chapel on the right has now been adapted to Coro for the Carmelites who have settled here since 1992, the new Carmel installed in Cerreto brings the Marian title "Janua Coeli", or "Gate of Heaven".




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