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Beata Vergine delle Grazie, Salzano (Robegano district), Venezia, Veneto, Italy

Commemorated on April 14
Beata Vergine delle Grazie, Salzano (Robegano district), Venezia, Veneto, Italy
On April 14, 1534 would be at Robegano a miraculous: Constantina, a crippled girl was healed while praying in front of an ' icon fourteenth century , then exposed in a small chapel near the church. On September 13, following thus began the construction of a new parish church sanctuary that would keep the sacred image. The project was completed March 24 1603 . In 1611 he was created Robegano parish autonomous and in the same year, the old church was torn down (if you can still see some traces near the bell tower).
The final consecration dates back to 12 September 1707 by the Bishop of Pola Joseph Mary Bottari . In 1782 the bishop of Treviso Francesco Paolo Giustiniani the appointed archpriest .
The present façade in terracotta , dates back to 1856 and refers to ' Renaissance architecture .
Over the years the 80 century were added to the two chapels on the left side, the Lady Chapel was designed by Pietro Saccardo . Further additions were made in 1899 , with the construction of the chapels on the right and the sacristy and south with the completion of the forecourt. The dome is 1925 .
The two paintings depicting the miracle were painted between 1896 and 1897 by Ludwig Mayer.
In 1863 he was placed above the front door an organ Bazzani , replaced in 1947 by the current organ Mascioni, located in the presbytery.
Linked to the history of the parish is Giuseppe Sarto, the future Pope Saint Pius X . parish priest in Salzano, was a friend of the priests of Robegano, head of municipal schools and known for his panegyrics on Madonna




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