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Virgen del Valle

Virgen del Valle ( San Fernando del Valle, Argentina) , 1618 - First Saturday after Easter

According to the beliefs of the Catholic faithful, the appearance of the venerated image of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Valley, took place between 1618 and 1620 in a cave in Choya , Department Capital of Catamarca Province in northwestern Argentina . Choya's people who are mentioned in ancient documents was located 1 km from the current namesake. Choya population were Spanish encomenderos and peoples for the most Christians. They lived by farming and herding. A native of the service entrusted to Don Manuel de Salazar, a day perceived voices. They were little Indian who walked wary, fearing that someone surprised. Carried lanterns and mountain flowers. Since it was night returned Choya ranches. The next morning he returned to the place, and gave the prints and found a trail that looked, it was very busy. He walked five miles, tracing the creek when about 7 m high stone appeared a niche well hidden. At the end of the niche had rustic seats and remains of hearths, and even traces of dance. He climbed to the bottom niche and found an image of the Virgin Mary. She was tiny, very clean, brown face and hands together. After several months and be sure of their discovery, tells all to his master. He says the revered, who was there between the stones, it was brunette like the Indians and that's why he also wanted and had learned to love.

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Madonna dello Splendore, Giulianova, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

Madonna dello Splendore, Giulianova, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy , 1557 - April 22

One day around noon, a pious farmer named Bertolino stopped gathering firewood to rest under an olive tree on a little hill outside the walls of Giulianova, near the Adriatic Sea. He was about to get up when he saw a light in the branches, and in its...

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