Sunday, January 13, 2019

Madonna del Pianto

Madonna del Pianto (Foligno, Italy) , 1647 - First Sunday before

Certainly in Foligno the cult of Our Lady of Tears is linked to the fact that in Rome in 1646, in a dispute between two individuals occurred in the street under a kiosk depicting a Madonna with Child, one of them said to the other of spare him from k...

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Our Lady, Help of Christians

Our Lady, Help of Christians (Filippsdorf, Germany) , 1866 - January 13

Filippsdorf,also known as Philippsdorf, or nowadays as Filipov is a pilgrimage site in the north of Bohemia - pre 1918 one of the crown lands of the Austrian Hungarian monarchy with German as the proncipal language.after 1918 it came to the new state...

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Virgen del Rosario (El Rosario, Carazo, Nicaragua)

Virgen del Rosario (El Rosario, Carazo, Nicaragua) - January 13

The town of El Rosario in western Nicaragua celebrates two fiestas in honor of its patron saint. On the traditional Catholic feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary, the archbishop says mass. But because October there is a month of torrential rain, the o...

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