Friday, November 08, 2019

Virgen de los Treinta y Tres

Virgen de los Treinta y Tres (Florida, Uruguay) , 1825 - November 8

Declared Patron of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay by Pope John XXIII, was solemnly crowned in the Piedra Alta (department of Florida) in 1961. Pope John Paul II honored at Tres Cruces (Montevideo) and pilgrimage to her in Florida....

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Notre-Dame de Bellefontaine

Notre-Dame de Bellefontaine (Bellefontaine, France) , 11th cent. - November 8

In the 11th century, a hunter aflicted with an unknown disease was miraculously healed after submerging himself in a fountain, having invoked the Virgin.  In recognition of this miracle, the hunter placed a statue of the Virgin in the vicinity of t...

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